Hamimi Honey Co.

Raw honey- 400g

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Our honey is raw and locally produced from our apiaries in the South -East of Melbourne. Unlike the majority of large scale businesses that supply supermarkets, our honey remains raw and untreated in any way. During harvest, we simply remove the frames from the beehives, spin out the honey from the honeycomb using the centrifugal force in a honey extractor, and filter the honey to clear waxy debris. Our honey is then bottled and ready to serve. 

Being in its most raw and natural form, our honey will eventually crystallise, taking on a thickened texture. Don't worry, this is a completely normal natural process. Many large scale honey businesses process their honey through pasteurisation (heating to >70°C) in order to retain the liquid texture that honey is most well-known for. While the honey appears smoother and becomes easier to handle, this process results in the denaturation of enzymes within the honey, lowering its health benefits. 

Honey spoon sold separately.